Aug 31, 2008

Happy reunion

Hihi I meet my friends at Pyramid...
they evil throw me in "ZEN" eat cake & they go eat steamboat.....midnight "C.Hong" bring us go drink "SOYA BEAN" haha actually is giant glass of weird jus.....what a happy day...n_n

Aug 21, 2008

Angella Chan

New born baby my niece at August.
She will be a pretty girl....
who want to chase her line-up first....hoho^^

Aug 14, 2008

Bully COM lecture...

Miss Low bully by our class rap...
she try to bully a boy for bring a girlish pencil box...but at the end she the one who bullied

Aug 13, 2008

Debate session...finally over

Debate over....
I finally untied from scary feeling...
but on the day I was happy because i can "sut sut sut" people from other group haha~~
I m evil...hoho~~~

Aug 2, 2008

1st SEM with my classmate

Before continue tutorial math4 business & social science my whole class having lunch in PD block canteen...
actually they wanted to celebrate a friends of my birthday, but space limited so change the venue to class..
T_T this time eat
secret recipe cheese cake...i don't like cheese so din eat