Mar 23, 2011

Supporting my self ≧◡≦

Quite some time, this blog being hang....

... because as an accountant is Busyzzz~

Due to such stressful course I force to give up and support 1 important thing.

I have to support my brain.... (keep keep going)

i just crap here because this is the only place I comfortable with..

sorry who feel board about this crapping.

ok~ to main topic, today going to talk about what had happen this few month.

I had a hard year.

I need money, to cure... (´ε )

where can I get the money? ..... utar DSA

today I went to DSA to understand more about the Insurance..

unfortunately the only officer in charge was absent.

The only thing i worried is my mom & dad financial support.

Work for whole life to support family T.T,

2 yrs ago support my brother.

currently is my turn. really felt sorry for bothersome.

This is very painful.. hold that thing for hours plus....(´ε )
haha $720++