Dec 31, 2008

Before & After

Before enter 08, I just a normal form 5 student
After enter 08, I graduate from secondary school ....good bye
Before enter 08, my life was PEACEFUL & enjoyable
After enter 08, my life turn upside down
why upside down?
beoz of assignment....
what mean assignment? It mean killer
they will kill your time & health
but they built leadership, sometimes relationship will grow too hihi!
but conclusion assignment still a KILLER


Before enter 08, I have many friends
After enter 08, I have more friends than before but all being a part
Before enter 08, I am a noisy girl
After enter 08, I still a noisy girl this never change haha!
Before enter 08, I always keep my room clean
After enter 08, my room is no.1
u guess in what no.1?
is rubbish room no.1... T_T no time to clean up
Before enter 08, I always have enough sleep
After enter 08, I turn to be a Panda
Before enter 08, I am a lazy girl
After enter 08, zzz no change still the same pattern
hope coming 2009 I will be more hardworking

Conclusion 2008 have change many thing in my life
I can just look back the picture & memory but to move forward to the future.
Good bye 2008
Welcome 2009

Happy momory with year 2008
family, friends & utar life

Dec 25, 2008

Happy Christmas class

this is my second semester with them
happy & silly classmate
Before presentation for web page design, my class rap asking everyone come out of practical room take whole class picture....before lecturer come
just nice everyone having presentation & wearing formal
everyone so excited
and tmr is Christmas
Merry Christmas to everyone....
where my Christmas present??

In this pic have 13 boy & 11 girl....just missing 1 person forget who is that

Step step step
step my class rap
he don't even notice

My cute little class rap caring Kar Chun

This pic take rushy beoz after presentation we snick out of class & rush home
we take the pic near of 1st door of utar
always talking nonsense together
happy memory^^

haha just now missing 1 person now extra a person
the left side with black shirt is Ying Chen
white shirt is Chou Hui next is me(33)
& end of right side is Gary

Dec 24, 2008

Sad line

Is only everlasting feature in this world.

There may be biggest miracle which can change the entire world but even in that miracle also friendship will come out from its sleep.

Friends may not save but they never let you go to deep.

Friends find innovative ways to stop you from falling and try to get some more help to lift you.

Friends will save us from any situations, help you to escape from big troubles.

Friends will cheer us when we’re sorrowful or depressed.

When you act silly with friends around they also comes and join you and get the enjoyment that you are getting.

friendship, friendship, friendship
all nonsense

my dear friends,

no pain, no gain
dun dare , dun game
want game, no complain

since u cannot play just keep quite and see ppl enjoy
don't spreading rumors around
if feeling hurt just tell out
don't beoz u using me so don't wan to break the friendship until u finish using me only break.

I m the kind of person prefer talk when have problem not to keep
but u killing me with words every second

"The tongue like a sharp knife, Kills without drawing blood"

U can just tell out what u not satisfied
I not the kind of person after hearing worn help or change
I prefer to cure the relationship, than forget the friendship.
sob sob

Dec 22, 2008

busy AGAIN.....! !

Finally...... finish busy my assignment
time to busy my personal life
my life never been free b4
every time sure got activities to do
I like this type of life
but love to complain as well
OK back to topic
Saturday I went to midvalley with my UTAR friends
watch 3D movie "Bolt"
this movie talking about a DOG don't know the reality life b4 and he is loyal to master penny and so on....bla bla bla
Hmm this movie not bad

after finish watch movie we walk around take pic

The Christmas tree at midvalley not bad
we simply choose one and take weird post

The day after saturday is sunday
5.30am wake up
wake up so early 4 what ??
for my grandma lo
her house having 冬日 ceremony
so my mom & other aunt go there and help lo
eventually I want to help but they reject
they say 小孩子越帮越忙
save back lo
since they don't want then I with my cousin play until 5.30pm than change to my uncle 9 house(九叔)
My big big cousin bro give me see a very nice video
l l

无人........Z Z Z Z

this is the best video
Pls calculate the chair move how many times


this is my big big cousin bro video
B4 I see this video I tell him don't scared me but he din hear at all
End up I watched
I really JUMP UP in front of him
I admit I love to see disgusting weird video or picture
but I am 胆小鬼。。。dun scared me with this kind of GxxxT

Dec 18, 2008


Surprise to YOU
and Happy Birthdday to "old man young"
this time is not my idea
but my twin cousin bro Aik Sern
haha...... old 1 year again

17 Dec was my cousin Young birthday
On the day morning till dinner time no ppl wish him include me
not even his girlfriend...... so cruel

My twins cousin bro plan a big surprise to him
open steamboat & secret recipe cheese cake...
I hate cheese cake but have to eat... no choice
haha the most surprise is I been there
because normally I worn be there beside that family gathering only

Birthday boy should enjoy the day
but if seems I and my other cousin more enjoy than him

I and my smaller cousin playing indoor pool at midnight till 1am...
and birthday boy holding camera.

birthday boy wearing 60's spec
haha no la
is now days youngster style spec

Dec 17, 2008

Busy like a bee

today is monday have a scary“miss三代” class
today is presentation day & assignment due date
so busy
the time I reach school, no time for breakfast but to go reading room discuss
haiz...zzz another last minute work
beoz of presentation day I wearing formal with my HIGH HILL SHOES
U know....?
UTAR stream A at PE block
but I go PD block reading room, mean the opposite of PE block
1 hours later need to rush back to PE attend class
To follow my friends foot step, I have to RUN with my HIGH HILL SHOES
Imagine a girl holding laptop caring bag wearing high hill shoes RUNNING
what a clumsy looking.....zzz
so far...+ heavy
reach class think to rest, din know a "BOM" come into my ear
Web Page Design is not 5pm pass up but 10am pass up
DIE lo
we din finish the power point slide yet
all 5 of us run out the class open laptop rush work
when finish burn the work in CD is already 10.30am
who dare to continue enter class when that lecturer worse than a TIGER
+ she always remember my name only
shan shan this shan shan that (bla bla bla)
i know my name is "beautiful" but no need always call


come to the better part
TIME FOR PRESENTATION : writing for business
we are the 1st group who present
about "UTAR lack of parking space"
among 5 of us I get the highest mark
that is 8.7/10
Lecturer love out slide so much
I din really help much in the slide but i get the highest mark
beoz I so clam when presenting
everyone will scared when presentation just I "clever" to hide my feeling
I also scared de......hahaha
+ my slide no word at all .....all use my "MOUTH+BRAIN" to explain
actually that also is a last minute work
finish presenting
result come out...OMG
all my friends after me when heared the result

This is one of the 2 pic I describe
Beautiful leh this picture
I take this picture when walking to PD block

Traffic police walking to the car giving
something special to this kelisa

giving something special really special

Dec 15, 2008











忙着敢大学的功课, 怪自己懒惰




Dec 11, 2008

Need to rush

Busy busy busy busy
what a busy day
tmr ...........time for me pass up my work
but I on one piece and
wow...wonderful timing I choose

Now I have to rush the whole night to finish up
T_T deserve it
got a bit regret la
this time call 999 also no use ady

Dec 7, 2008

Onepiece figure

Today was a surprise
a boring day .....zzz
non stop working in a shopping center that no customer
even a fly also din visit me
sudden at break time
my friends, I usually call him "UNCLE"
but he just 22 years old la not really uncle
come n visit me...haha
he also use his break time to come

he bring me the figure of Onepiece
there have 6 ppl
Luffy Zoro Nami Sanji Usoop & Choopa
call him UNCLE was the best thing
beoz every time i call him UNCLE he will jump up
Thank u so much

Dec 4, 2008

what a day

Today is what day?
why everyone like to catch me on this day?
1st is my friends come and give me long long lecture
ask me must this must that
pls la...I m 18

2nd my UTAR friends "BOMB" me using phone call...
He use an unknown number call me and argue with me....
T_T I m bad in memorize ppl name
but i still remember what friends I made b4.....
use a TAYLOR student name
haiz really give him "zha dao"
At the end I really believe him ....
haiz that why he keep laugh me till now
watch out la
1 day I SURE REPAY HIM...surely

3rd get some game really hard lo
I ask my friends give me the game
until now also not yet get

haizz haizz
when i can get
already past few day
when when

4th today we having exam for sociology
suddenly my friend accept a family call,
saying that her grandparents has pass away
OMG her tears straight flow out
I stand beside her also fell sad.
I din talk anything just accompany beside her till exam end.
Haiz hope her emotion worn affect her exam ...

Dec 1, 2008

My P.Dickson trip....^^

This trip we plan 2month ago
at last manage to go with my old old classmate....^^
Before that, we plan to go Genting since form5 but din't go
beoz everyone busy

After that, we plan to go Melaka to visit my friend family,
I cancel it beoz 7 boy and me a girl only

If i go toilet who accompany me??...cannot be a guy rite.....zzz
beside 2 ppl going to NS
So they cancel AGAIN
at last we plan to go P.Dickson beoz near + no much time left
not much time left mean our hoilday not match with others
no other meaning...zzz

Everyone at 8.00am jump in swimming pool....
T_T 3ppl bully me....
always go under the water pull my leg.
They no fair 4 vs 1
got 1 girl dun wan go down so she hold camera.

T.seng doing "SEXY" post beside the pool....haha~
see his beautiful skin, eye

come on come on smack him

T.Seng love to do WEIRD post to make everyone laugh....^^

go out with them very happy.....
His hand holding card actually they playing big 2.5...
in the morning
haha..faster call 999

After take bath we straight go down stairs start fire to BBQ....
first of all is hard to start the fire
so they say want to "BOM" it
all in 1
Y.Chen doing KING waiting BBQ start

I have been catch to built in side the sand 4 of them cover me up dun let me run ...
while Y.Chen hold the camera and laugh loudly

they wrote my name on the sand

Haha this time is T.seng KENA built in the sand and I am the one who hold the camera
after finish he cannot wake up from the sand...
stuck inside d...

yeh yeh
playing at the sea....
everyone din go far place to swim beoz of me...haha
actually is I not allow to go far
so they accompany me

First time enter the room
we non-stop taking picture for memories ady

I taking pic with P.Chai
we sitting at the living room

there have astro so good, but din have control
how to watch...

Taking cool post with my old classmate...
all of them so rough

we sit beside the fake bamboo tree
I duno why always look at the wrong place

haha we like taking family picture
they say dun smile
so I dun smile lo, but look like being force to take pic....

This is 6angle star
we take this picture at 1.30am

is midnight
so scary

beside that, we at the beach playing and shouting

A mat post ...
we have nothing to do...+ duno what post to do d
out of idea

Legendary ppl say dun take photo 3on3 person
beoz of some scary reason....
so we din take pic 3on3 but....we take pic 6on6
this is x2 scary la

C.Hong is a shine guy when with a girl...hahaha~
When he taking pic with the girl he suddenly run away so the girl follow him to his side
so take till this kind of weird post...

James bond...
follow the new movie
just a bit weired with this all ppl

no comment
I also duno what we are doing

1am taking picture with T.Seng.....
really dare.....zzz
we dun dare to take pic 3on3 so take 2on2

see in front what they doing
normal ppl diving should be beautiful
but this is ....something.....

2 bollywood guy running around the beach with "SARI"

Nov 19, 2008

Weird action b4 EXAM

Exam exam today is Writing for Mass Communication
everyone keep study but got people stress till fan it self...

so hot meh...
that time I feel so cold + air-conditional working leh....

Woo~ see this girl doing what!

B4 exam do tiger post ...

give her see this pic on my blog she sure eat me...
Actually we in exam venue already, still have time so she use the time to study lo, suddenly jutsu tiger fist...ahahaha

Nov 16, 2008

Sad sad ~ day

Ready to pack my equipment go go go...
Suddenly supervisor come and give me a heart attack =.=
my salary T_T ......
cut by dutch lady company...
I want to "bite them" "bite them"
So hard I end the job, they so dare to cut my $$$


Nov 15, 2008


What an orange bright color....
My 2nd bro buy WRONG thing!! WRONG thing!!
so many choice he don't choose go choose this...~.~
Maybe he still small saw an attractive color so he choose lo...haha must be!
Unfortunately I don't like it, the brand I also din hear b4....haizz haizz
tmr morning I want to knock him d....

This time better than b4

Hmm this is my 2nd time doing Dutch Lady...
O this time better sampling but too much sampling until need to throw wasted
This time I do growing up milk
1. chocolate 123
2. honey 456
See this all is small kids drinks, I have to drink to taste how was it....haizz
maybe I grow taller after drink all this.....haha~~

Nov 13, 2008

Happy birthday....& thanks to:

Your birthday u bring this....although weird weird la it should I give de but still wish u Happy birthday & thank you.

Nov 9, 2008

Birthday party

Classmate birthday "C.Ping" whole classmate celebrate for him...
T~T next year he is going to transfer to other U ......miss him ??

Haizz naughty + funny boy from TA6 come to my class celebration steal cake eat while his class also celebrating another birthday party.

Oct 27, 2008

Harsh time......

Hohoho~~ guess what shirt is this?
This is my 3rd time of promoter job in Chimera already.....
with this shirt I promoting Dutch Lady Shine yoghurt...
hmm~~ this yoghurt not bad la got 5 flavor I only like
i. Lime + Lemon
ii. apple + aloe vera

This job sad lo....that time no sampling must borrow sample from Tesco 1 day 4 bottle so little how to survive 8 hours, that time i so "cham" + the place that I stand freezing.
Beside that, so many argument with customer, supervisor & client of Dutch Lady...
First time I have a hard job because of no sampling...

Aug 31, 2008

Happy reunion

Hihi I meet my friends at Pyramid...
they evil throw me in "ZEN" eat cake & they go eat steamboat.....midnight "C.Hong" bring us go drink "SOYA BEAN" haha actually is giant glass of weird jus.....what a happy day...n_n

Aug 21, 2008

Angella Chan

New born baby my niece at August.
She will be a pretty girl....
who want to chase her line-up first....hoho^^

Aug 14, 2008

Bully COM lecture...

Miss Low bully by our class rap...
she try to bully a boy for bring a girlish pencil box...but at the end she the one who bullied

Aug 13, 2008

Debate session...finally over

Debate over....
I finally untied from scary feeling...
but on the day I was happy because i can "sut sut sut" people from other group haha~~
I m evil...hoho~~~

Aug 2, 2008

1st SEM with my classmate

Before continue tutorial math4 business & social science my whole class having lunch in PD block canteen...
actually they wanted to celebrate a friends of my birthday, but space limited so change the venue to class..
T_T this time eat
secret recipe cheese cake...i don't like cheese so din eat

Jun 16, 2008

Happy job

This is my 2nd agent & 1st job in Chimera...I helping jacob's promoting their product.
This job I do until 2 month plus beoz got 3 version
1. promote new product
2. promote old product
3. giving out voucher
* The new product have a very good sale I m so happy beoz I hit the target but no commission + the sample so many until cannot finish sometimes i ate it by my self or give to other promoter, so that supervisor worn grumble me for not finishing up all the sample...n_n haha~~greedy.
* The old product also good sale. I sell until out of stock n_n supervisor say good job.
* 3rd, giving out voucher, more easy to do beoz I m the person who "SPOT" cu
stomer...If I get to spot them I will give out the voucher if the customer unlucky than will miss the chance...haha...I m the "KING" that time

Jun 12, 2008

My present

It was my birthday...
one of my friend gave me this...
skeleton toy.

I don't know where to put either on the car or my cupboard....
at last I let it sleep with me......^^

Mar 31, 2008

Pangkor trip

We taking ferry to Pangkor hotel...It was the first time I go with my 6th cousin bro & his GF + Yann....
The whole journey I was care by them all...thanks so much....& it was the first time I was treated like a 5 year old girl....hihi

My cousin bro fall sleep in bus because i knock him till fainted de....haha no la it was the day to go back home & he was so tired because keep an eye on me scared I got lost or forgotten in Pangkor...haha