Dec 1, 2008

My P.Dickson trip....^^

This trip we plan 2month ago
at last manage to go with my old old classmate....^^
Before that, we plan to go Genting since form5 but din't go
beoz everyone busy

After that, we plan to go Melaka to visit my friend family,
I cancel it beoz 7 boy and me a girl only

If i go toilet who accompany me??...cannot be a guy rite.....zzz
beside 2 ppl going to NS
So they cancel AGAIN
at last we plan to go P.Dickson beoz near + no much time left
not much time left mean our hoilday not match with others
no other meaning...zzz

Everyone at 8.00am jump in swimming pool....
T_T 3ppl bully me....
always go under the water pull my leg.
They no fair 4 vs 1
got 1 girl dun wan go down so she hold camera.

T.seng doing "SEXY" post beside the pool....haha~
see his beautiful skin, eye

come on come on smack him

T.Seng love to do WEIRD post to make everyone laugh....^^

go out with them very happy.....
His hand holding card actually they playing big 2.5...
in the morning
haha..faster call 999

After take bath we straight go down stairs start fire to BBQ....
first of all is hard to start the fire
so they say want to "BOM" it
all in 1
Y.Chen doing KING waiting BBQ start

I have been catch to built in side the sand 4 of them cover me up dun let me run ...
while Y.Chen hold the camera and laugh loudly

they wrote my name on the sand

Haha this time is T.seng KENA built in the sand and I am the one who hold the camera
after finish he cannot wake up from the sand...
stuck inside d...

yeh yeh
playing at the sea....
everyone din go far place to swim beoz of me...haha
actually is I not allow to go far
so they accompany me

First time enter the room
we non-stop taking picture for memories ady

I taking pic with P.Chai
we sitting at the living room

there have astro so good, but din have control
how to watch...

Taking cool post with my old classmate...
all of them so rough

we sit beside the fake bamboo tree
I duno why always look at the wrong place

haha we like taking family picture
they say dun smile
so I dun smile lo, but look like being force to take pic....

This is 6angle star
we take this picture at 1.30am

is midnight
so scary

beside that, we at the beach playing and shouting

A mat post ...
we have nothing to do...+ duno what post to do d
out of idea

Legendary ppl say dun take photo 3on3 person
beoz of some scary reason....
so we din take pic 3on3 but....we take pic 6on6
this is x2 scary la

C.Hong is a shine guy when with a girl...hahaha~
When he taking pic with the girl he suddenly run away so the girl follow him to his side
so take till this kind of weird post...

James bond...
follow the new movie
just a bit weired with this all ppl

no comment
I also duno what we are doing

1am taking picture with T.Seng.....
really dare.....zzz
we dun dare to take pic 3on3 so take 2on2

see in front what they doing
normal ppl diving should be beautiful
but this is ....something.....

2 bollywood guy running around the beach with "SARI"


jackson said...

lol go PD also din call me
i also wan go with u
so long din go out play with u ady
miss past day

so how was there nice to play
got anything new there??

so long ady now only u dare to show yr blog congrate

wei jie said... till so happy
next time call me
i also wan to have fun
yr hair short again
when wan to keep long long like last time
so beautiful