Dec 4, 2008

what a day

Today is what day?
why everyone like to catch me on this day?
1st is my friends come and give me long long lecture
ask me must this must that
pls la...I m 18

2nd my UTAR friends "BOMB" me using phone call...
He use an unknown number call me and argue with me....
T_T I m bad in memorize ppl name
but i still remember what friends I made b4.....
use a TAYLOR student name
haiz really give him "zha dao"
At the end I really believe him ....
haiz that why he keep laugh me till now
watch out la
1 day I SURE REPAY HIM...surely

3rd get some game really hard lo
I ask my friends give me the game
until now also not yet get

haizz haizz
when i can get
already past few day
when when

4th today we having exam for sociology
suddenly my friend accept a family call,
saying that her grandparents has pass away
OMG her tears straight flow out
I stand beside her also fell sad.
I din talk anything just accompany beside her till exam end.
Haiz hope her emotion worn affect her exam ...

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