Dec 24, 2008

Sad line

Is only everlasting feature in this world.

There may be biggest miracle which can change the entire world but even in that miracle also friendship will come out from its sleep.

Friends may not save but they never let you go to deep.

Friends find innovative ways to stop you from falling and try to get some more help to lift you.

Friends will save us from any situations, help you to escape from big troubles.

Friends will cheer us when we’re sorrowful or depressed.

When you act silly with friends around they also comes and join you and get the enjoyment that you are getting.

friendship, friendship, friendship
all nonsense

my dear friends,

no pain, no gain
dun dare , dun game
want game, no complain

since u cannot play just keep quite and see ppl enjoy
don't spreading rumors around
if feeling hurt just tell out
don't beoz u using me so don't wan to break the friendship until u finish using me only break.

I m the kind of person prefer talk when have problem not to keep
but u killing me with words every second

"The tongue like a sharp knife, Kills without drawing blood"

U can just tell out what u not satisfied
I not the kind of person after hearing worn help or change
I prefer to cure the relationship, than forget the friendship.
sob sob

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