Dec 17, 2008

Busy like a bee

today is monday have a scary“miss三代” class
today is presentation day & assignment due date
so busy
the time I reach school, no time for breakfast but to go reading room discuss
haiz...zzz another last minute work
beoz of presentation day I wearing formal with my HIGH HILL SHOES
U know....?
UTAR stream A at PE block
but I go PD block reading room, mean the opposite of PE block
1 hours later need to rush back to PE attend class
To follow my friends foot step, I have to RUN with my HIGH HILL SHOES
Imagine a girl holding laptop caring bag wearing high hill shoes RUNNING
what a clumsy looking.....zzz
so far...+ heavy
reach class think to rest, din know a "BOM" come into my ear
Web Page Design is not 5pm pass up but 10am pass up
DIE lo
we din finish the power point slide yet
all 5 of us run out the class open laptop rush work
when finish burn the work in CD is already 10.30am
who dare to continue enter class when that lecturer worse than a TIGER
+ she always remember my name only
shan shan this shan shan that (bla bla bla)
i know my name is "beautiful" but no need always call


come to the better part
TIME FOR PRESENTATION : writing for business
we are the 1st group who present
about "UTAR lack of parking space"
among 5 of us I get the highest mark
that is 8.7/10
Lecturer love out slide so much
I din really help much in the slide but i get the highest mark
beoz I so clam when presenting
everyone will scared when presentation just I "clever" to hide my feeling
I also scared de......hahaha
+ my slide no word at all .....all use my "MOUTH+BRAIN" to explain
actually that also is a last minute work
finish presenting
result come out...OMG
all my friends after me when heared the result

This is one of the 2 pic I describe
Beautiful leh this picture
I take this picture when walking to PD block

Traffic police walking to the car giving
something special to this kelisa

giving something special really special

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