Dec 31, 2008

Before & After

Before enter 08, I just a normal form 5 student
After enter 08, I graduate from secondary school ....good bye
Before enter 08, my life was PEACEFUL & enjoyable
After enter 08, my life turn upside down
why upside down?
beoz of assignment....
what mean assignment? It mean killer
they will kill your time & health
but they built leadership, sometimes relationship will grow too hihi!
but conclusion assignment still a KILLER


Before enter 08, I have many friends
After enter 08, I have more friends than before but all being a part
Before enter 08, I am a noisy girl
After enter 08, I still a noisy girl this never change haha!
Before enter 08, I always keep my room clean
After enter 08, my room is no.1
u guess in what no.1?
is rubbish room no.1... T_T no time to clean up
Before enter 08, I always have enough sleep
After enter 08, I turn to be a Panda
Before enter 08, I am a lazy girl
After enter 08, zzz no change still the same pattern
hope coming 2009 I will be more hardworking

Conclusion 2008 have change many thing in my life
I can just look back the picture & memory but to move forward to the future.
Good bye 2008
Welcome 2009

Happy momory with year 2008
family, friends & utar life

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