Dec 25, 2008

Happy Christmas class

this is my second semester with them
happy & silly classmate
Before presentation for web page design, my class rap asking everyone come out of practical room take whole class picture....before lecturer come
just nice everyone having presentation & wearing formal
everyone so excited
and tmr is Christmas
Merry Christmas to everyone....
where my Christmas present??

In this pic have 13 boy & 11 girl....just missing 1 person forget who is that

Step step step
step my class rap
he don't even notice

My cute little class rap caring Kar Chun

This pic take rushy beoz after presentation we snick out of class & rush home
we take the pic near of 1st door of utar
always talking nonsense together
happy memory^^

haha just now missing 1 person now extra a person
the left side with black shirt is Ying Chen
white shirt is Chou Hui next is me(33)
& end of right side is Gary

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