Jul 15, 2010

Wee 7 = zero result

Week 7, pressure stepping on my head.

Current house that I staying right now, is renovation under the owner willingness.


what a joke, since last sem, owner mention about the rise of house rental, at the same time ex-leader is negotiating for the cut down price of the rental.
haha seems everyone talking about Money! Money! Money!

Now I am the one to be in charge for this house, everyone quote with me very well except the owner & the (=.=) contractor.
Between the owner, contractor and house-mate, I'm just a middle mail. Not the CEO.
I hope thing can move faster & smoother.
Honestly I dislike the contractor very much. FFK ppl often then going toilet shit.
Dealing with the account of the house, bills, nagging of the unsatisfied leaking part. I can't do anything much. Smile and non stop wasting my money calling for a FFK idiot.
leaking part = leaking my bill money
Expenses is increasing for the leaking part.

ok part to the pressure, week 7 coming to week 8, next is final.
Midterm is worse, can't take it, cannot accept the truth that my midterm result.
really disappointed for whole 7 week what have I done equivalent zero.

BUSINESS LAW watch out, A is confirm aiming you.