Nov 19, 2008

Weird action b4 EXAM

Exam exam today is Writing for Mass Communication
everyone keep study but got people stress till fan it self...

so hot meh...
that time I feel so cold + air-conditional working leh....

Woo~ see this girl doing what!

B4 exam do tiger post ...

give her see this pic on my blog she sure eat me...
Actually we in exam venue already, still have time so she use the time to study lo, suddenly jutsu tiger fist...ahahaha

Nov 16, 2008

Sad sad ~ day

Ready to pack my equipment go go go...
Suddenly supervisor come and give me a heart attack =.=
my salary T_T ......
cut by dutch lady company...
I want to "bite them" "bite them"
So hard I end the job, they so dare to cut my $$$


Nov 15, 2008


What an orange bright color....
My 2nd bro buy WRONG thing!! WRONG thing!!
so many choice he don't choose go choose this...~.~
Maybe he still small saw an attractive color so he choose lo...haha must be!
Unfortunately I don't like it, the brand I also din hear b4....haizz haizz
tmr morning I want to knock him d....

This time better than b4

Hmm this is my 2nd time doing Dutch Lady...
O this time better sampling but too much sampling until need to throw wasted
This time I do growing up milk
1. chocolate 123
2. honey 456
See this all is small kids drinks, I have to drink to taste how was it....haizz
maybe I grow taller after drink all this.....haha~~

Nov 13, 2008

Happy birthday....& thanks to:

Your birthday u bring this....although weird weird la it should I give de but still wish u Happy birthday & thank you.

Nov 9, 2008

Birthday party

Classmate birthday "C.Ping" whole classmate celebrate for him...
T~T next year he is going to transfer to other U ......miss him ??

Haizz naughty + funny boy from TA6 come to my class celebration steal cake eat while his class also celebrating another birthday party.