Jan 27, 2009

Open house

Round & round
At last celebrate New Year Eve at My House.
since 8 year from now.
YEE family open house.

From the front is nice but back of the story is hard.
Beautiful is my house
Hard is the
need to clean house, e
ver angle need to go through.
T I R E D ! ! !

My house front look
is stone no toy.

purposely open a new table & the height of the table is
different BIG different weird design.

short story
I have 9 uncle & 1 aunt, my grandma total have 30 grandchildren include me la so food that have to prepared is BIG BIG BIG
All of my relative reach by the time of 3 something
everyone started to move to the food section.
unfortunately some of the food not prepared need everyone help or not start dinner late.

some of them is helping some resting include me ... haha

Loke loke style

Every time we have gathering sure have different style
not in term of food but ways.
steamboat, BBQ, loke loke, eat raw food, cooked food many many kind

playing my house piano

Piano is not function well but still can play.
not much people dare to walk my house stairs, because no handle
ScArY for them la not me !

Dancing or hip hoping at my living room

My uncle no. 7 SO IN, show us an example how to dance to get an angpau haha
I don't know how to dance so simply dance with my cousin
All the angpau are not even
different angpau have different amount
after dance you can choose one of those angpau on his hand
guess what.... I am too lucky on that day haha
I get RM50
some of my cousin get RM10, 20, 30 or 40
only me get RM50
hahahahahha~ ~ ~ ~ only me

1st time take photo

we 3 best cousin 1st time take photo together
take photo while everyone busying so no people notice us so "san fu"
after take finish all run
this is just Chinese New Year Eve post.
coming up Chinese New Year 1st day.

Jan 25, 2009

Salty fish

Ho Ho Ho Ho ! ! !
congratulation ! Congratulation !
Salty fish is alive or back to life
Ho Ho Ho ! ! !
How to say leh ?
hmm can say I am lucky. sock in water for so long ( few minute for me is a long period ) still can function well so far.
Ho Ho Ho Ho ! ! ! Congratulation to my self ! ! !
That time really blur, I wont fall to the same mistake anymore.

My phone still can function so no need waste my ANGPAU money to buy a new one.
can celebrate CNY happily

I do something to my hair ( New me )
Phone alive ( New phone )
25 Jan 09 open house ( New Year )

Ho Ho Ho ! ! ! cannot stop laughing
Happy Chinese New Year
Ho Ho Ho ! ! !

Jan 24, 2009


我和谁呢?那就是我的 childhood 朋友。
星期五的凌晨 1am call 出来喝茶。
到 Subang USJ 吃,还真奇怪都那么夜了店还很多客人。
路途中在 Shell 打油时看见一辆特别的车
这辆车叫 什么名字 我也不知道。。。 哈哈不好意思


吃完了都 3 点多了 第二天还要和他们两 shopping 哈哈哈 !!! 真的不能离开的。

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shopping Shopping Shopping
也可以说是 last minute .... Malaysia culture
我们首先到 Damansara City 修理电脑,然后第一间 Shopping center 就是 Time square。
还满爽的因为今年不用自己决定买什么衣。 每年想到头脑都要爆掉。
一整天我在做 Model 他们选衣,我试衣。
Time square 的布置很美,很有华人的风格不会输给 Midvalley


走完 Time square 到 Sungei Wang
买阿买,买到 整辆车都是,我没位坐。


还以为走完了那知道还有很多地方要去的,例如 Pyramid, 1U, The Curve 等等的。
从早上 10am 到家都有 9pm 了,我们的节目还没完的。

Jan 22, 2009

What is this?

This is
not me !
Not my dog !
Not my lost dog !
but just look like me ! !

Just don't understand why !
every night could not sleep, but morning can.
everyday don't feel hungry, but others can.
Am I a weirdo?
I am one of UFO relatives ? If yes, few days later open house will be inviting all UFO's and friends.
I just feeling ........


Maybe ?
Maybe not.
But I don't want to admit I feeling stress at all.
Exam coming ... Chinese New Year around the corner ...
Everyday stomach feeling sad.
Headache & hand ache (don't know why)
Feel tired but cannot fall sleep, really weird every night row over the bed until morning.

I had skip more than 10 times of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
After exam I maybe blew off by the wind.

Conclusion : I still want to say that ...

I am not stress ! ! !

Jan 19, 2009

跳!跳!跳! 舞




SHUFFLE 虽然不是最新,可说是最红的。
享受 SHUFFLE 舞的朋友都知道它有多美多厉害
放 Hard Electronica Music 再炸歌
跳 Hardstyle Shuffle
简直是 COOL!


今天又和我的两位 childhood 朋友出去玩,还真是离不开。
12pm 被叫醒,出去喝茶顺便吃午餐。我们三人吃十个人份的午餐,pay bills 肯定不是我...哈哈
5pm 终于打完了,有时间陪我了。大我两岁的哥哥跳 SHUFFLE 舞,他可说是还在学习中可是跳的还满不错,如果可以转多几条圈就 perfect了。跳跳下另外一位加入一起跳,如果我会 100% 会加入的。哈哈那时候可以参加比赛了。奖杯拿定了。

这小孩的 SKILL 很好,全都是他哥哥教出来的。
兄弟两人一起跳....真是 COOL!

Jan 18, 2009

Unfunction well phone anymore

Today 18 Jan 09
special day
for my
big brother
Happy Birthday

First time I had this kind birthday celebration.
wake up early in the morning that is past 8am going to 9am, I din even clean up my self yet then my 2nd bro say time to cut cake.
I like just HAR ! ! WHAT ! ! is a celebration or breakfast ? ?
My parent bought a small cake and my 2nd bro place the candle. People place candle base on their age. The small boy place 20++ candle on the small cake... After blew candle, how suppose to eat the smashed cake.

Done breakfast birthday or birthday breakfast ... good --- continue my bed time.

Bad thing started to happen..... z z z

4.30pm a call from my 2 childhood friends
want me spend YAMCHA
--- ok lo since they always spend me
2 big brother(like children) talk about their experience

- argument with driver
- change new car
- fix new turbo

Study in Singapore
- MRT crowded
- many pretty girl
- cool pub

Discuss about girls
- Singapore girls mouth size bigger then Malaysia girls
- use tea spoon eat rice
- better find girlfriends in Malaysia

+ bla bla bla
drink bit "WINE" after went back home first thing is to the toilet
I maybe blur at that time
then my phone drop into the water OMG....~~~~~
I din even notice and it sock in the water for few minute
when I took it out, cannot function .... so sad
went to look for hair dryer to blew it .... I cannot find
My phone not even 1 year old just 10 month old
Is it time to say good bye ?

Use my 2nd bro phone to take the "sad photo".

Jan 13, 2009

血 1

玩什么? 那就是“捐血”



忘记pump拉....所以血流的慢,护士在吵....bla bla bla
所以护士扒针再叉入....真是 $%^*)%!@#%^* 的
另一班的同学跟可怜双手都被叉两支针....哈哈 (我有点幸灾乐祸)


给我药 - 吃咯



Jan 12, 2009

If I Were A Boy ?

This is kind funny if come out from a girl mouth
It is true, there really have some girls hope they were a boy
First why do girl think that?
  • it because the whole family are boy?
  • normally mix with boy?
  • or jealous with boys can and girl cont?

Actually there have many different answer and ways to answer.
Gender is a fix that you cannot change or turn. Be what you are. Plastic surgery is nothing but only change your out look and xxx 2 more private part. In the inner part, you are always a girl.

A friends of my always claim that being a boy have more benefit than being a girl.
My answer is NO
For me be a boy or a girl has it own advantage and disadvantage. There is no need to jealous of other gender.

A song talking about If I Were A Boy by: Beyonce Knowles
Release on 10 Nov 2008
This song tittle attract me
and the best part was

If I Were A Boy
Even just for a day
I'd roll outta bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted then go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls


Jan 11, 2009



真讨厌就在幻想当中来了电话,谈电话又说不上,吵架还差不多。同样的话不必说第二次可是我说不只两次,说都有一年多了,都过一年多了说长很长, 说短根本都不短。非常的对不起如果我说你是个爱理不理的人可是我就是很讨厌很讨厌这种态度。
人不是完美这我可以理解,缺点多多我也有,完美的人是不存在。人是很想追求完美,可是不会抱太大希望得到 ...因为知道那是不可能的事。你也是时候开新的一辆车,放下旧的。祝福你

我不是华校生... ...多多包涵

Jan 10, 2009

New new & old

Chinese New Year
New Year
new post
new friends
new song
new me
new clothes
old shoes

hmm people say don't ever buy pair shoes for your girlfriend or boyfriend...
because they will wear the shoes you bought and run with other people
this is for couple advise
If you believe it

Did you ever heard before don't buy shoes when Chinese New Year?
my parents did say that to me
scared I run away with people?
omg who can I run with?

but this year I really will run away....
either run to Kampar or Sungai Long
hope is Sungai Long
few reason I choose Sungai Long
1. degree in Finance
2. Ignore ppl
3. ( secret )

Jan 8, 2009

Genting bed

Back to the Genting count down
Got few people curious...
Curious about what??
that is where I sleep when my Genting trip count down
Hmm how to say ....
1 word
actually not bad la
but I can confirm to tell you all
I din sleep at parking lots
oh god let you all see the parking lot damn beautiful

and I get some GOOD advise from you all
Sleep under the car?
Today lunch time you all saw my size already rite...
with my size you think I can enter under the car??
maybe you all can la haha
come come give some comment....(lunch time guys)







While walking outside of the First world,
I take this picture

Focus on the yellow shirt guy
He din sleep at parking lots but is beside only
see also know why he don't sleep parking lots la

Actually that day I didn't really sleep
is hard for me to sit and sleep
not to say hard la
is could not even sit and sleep
so that day I play the whole night
some of my friends fall sleep some follow me go out play

Jan 3, 2009


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1. Coffee / Tea
2. Noodles / Rice
3. Ocean / Lake
4. Phone / Computer
5. Smsing / Calling
6. Durians / Fried Worms
7. Coke / Sprite
8. Cold weather / Hot weather
9. Pancakes / Waffles
10. Sand / Grass
11. Vanilla / Chocolate
Coughing / Sneezing
13. Paper / Plastic
14. Gold / Silver
15. Watermelon / Strawberry
16. Slippers / Shoes
17. Early bird / Night owl
18. Books / Magazines
19. Tall / Short
20. Heaven Above / Paradise on Earth

I TAG you

Jan 2, 2009

Count down

Last day of 2008
I & my friends total 6 ppl went to

Genting Celebrate
this trip quite funny but...
we dint plan properly so end up with all kind of mess
1st we buy 6 ticket 8.30pm bus to Genting while waiting for other 3 person at Titiwangsa bus stop
we wait

7.30pm ~ pass never mind still have time

8.00pm ~ pass never mind still have 30 minute

8.10pm ~ I call them they say just buy ticket to Titiwangsa
OMG so slow actually they playing, try to scare ppl
so I end up with text them a msg
"I sold all 6 ticket out to other people ady"
they like just "WHAT" swt swt then call & questioning me haha
so fun but a bit evil

8.26pm finally they reach

went up the bus...haiz u know I saw what??
cockroach OMG what kind bus that...

Cockroach just beside me
haha I had nothing to do so take this kind of "beautiful" picture

after reach there went to eat then see firework
there have many kind pattern of firework
clock shape
butterfly shape
star shape

After firework, we whole night play out side of the resort
Genting so cold

Bar dance so lame I fail to post properly
so embarrass even a guy also better then me

What u all saw in this picture?
A boy dig? nose?
haha nop is scratching his eye
look like digging nose rite

Congratulation for the new ones
open 1st sushi shop in the world haha
this pic take when this 2 guy had nothing to do

3am in the morning walk around First World u can see many ppl sleeping around
then we run to the garden, saw many couple ... ...
after whole night playing at last we book 9.10am bus back

I had a magic pocket
once I place ticket in
* * * * * * * * * * * *
It will missing immediately
once I give comment
* * * * * * * * * * * *
It will turn back

haha no la
actually this is call clumsy
I forget where I place my ticket
the uncle dint mind & let me sit,
few minute later when I open other side of my beg
OMG i found my ticket
Magic * # % * # % * # % * #
haiz... don't know what happen but this is not the 1st time ady haha

Jan 1, 2009

09 wish

First day of new year
I want to be the first person "wish"
I wish 09 year totally different with 08 year

happy than 08
more friends than 08
finance better than 08
hardworking than 08
tolerate than 08
more trip than 08
enjoy than 08
brave than 08
speak less than 08

This year I will try my best to tolerate everything I can
try everything I can
I wish I can enjoy year 09
Happy New Year