Jan 2, 2009

Count down

Last day of 2008
I & my friends total 6 ppl went to

Genting Celebrate
this trip quite funny but...
we dint plan properly so end up with all kind of mess
1st we buy 6 ticket 8.30pm bus to Genting while waiting for other 3 person at Titiwangsa bus stop
we wait

7.30pm ~ pass never mind still have time

8.00pm ~ pass never mind still have 30 minute

8.10pm ~ I call them they say just buy ticket to Titiwangsa
OMG so slow actually they playing, try to scare ppl
so I end up with text them a msg
"I sold all 6 ticket out to other people ady"
they like just "WHAT" swt swt then call & questioning me haha
so fun but a bit evil

8.26pm finally they reach

went up the bus...haiz u know I saw what??
cockroach OMG what kind bus that...

Cockroach just beside me
haha I had nothing to do so take this kind of "beautiful" picture

after reach there went to eat then see firework
there have many kind pattern of firework
clock shape
butterfly shape
star shape

After firework, we whole night play out side of the resort
Genting so cold

Bar dance so lame I fail to post properly
so embarrass even a guy also better then me

What u all saw in this picture?
A boy dig? nose?
haha nop is scratching his eye
look like digging nose rite

Congratulation for the new ones
open 1st sushi shop in the world haha
this pic take when this 2 guy had nothing to do

3am in the morning walk around First World u can see many ppl sleeping around
then we run to the garden, saw many couple ... ...
after whole night playing at last we book 9.10am bus back

I had a magic pocket
once I place ticket in
* * * * * * * * * * * *
It will missing immediately
once I give comment
* * * * * * * * * * * *
It will turn back

haha no la
actually this is call clumsy
I forget where I place my ticket
the uncle dint mind & let me sit,
few minute later when I open other side of my beg
OMG i found my ticket
Magic * # % * # % * # % * #
haiz... don't know what happen but this is not the 1st time ady haha

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