Jan 27, 2009

Open house

Round & round
At last celebrate New Year Eve at My House.
since 8 year from now.
YEE family open house.

From the front is nice but back of the story is hard.
Beautiful is my house
Hard is the
need to clean house, e
ver angle need to go through.
T I R E D ! ! !

My house front look
is stone no toy.

purposely open a new table & the height of the table is
different BIG different weird design.

short story
I have 9 uncle & 1 aunt, my grandma total have 30 grandchildren include me la so food that have to prepared is BIG BIG BIG
All of my relative reach by the time of 3 something
everyone started to move to the food section.
unfortunately some of the food not prepared need everyone help or not start dinner late.

some of them is helping some resting include me ... haha

Loke loke style

Every time we have gathering sure have different style
not in term of food but ways.
steamboat, BBQ, loke loke, eat raw food, cooked food many many kind

playing my house piano

Piano is not function well but still can play.
not much people dare to walk my house stairs, because no handle
ScArY for them la not me !

Dancing or hip hoping at my living room

My uncle no. 7 SO IN, show us an example how to dance to get an angpau haha
I don't know how to dance so simply dance with my cousin
All the angpau are not even
different angpau have different amount
after dance you can choose one of those angpau on his hand
guess what.... I am too lucky on that day haha
I get RM50
some of my cousin get RM10, 20, 30 or 40
only me get RM50
hahahahahha~ ~ ~ ~ only me

1st time take photo

we 3 best cousin 1st time take photo together
take photo while everyone busying so no people notice us so "san fu"
after take finish all run
this is just Chinese New Year Eve post.
coming up Chinese New Year 1st day.

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