Jan 22, 2009

What is this?

This is
not me !
Not my dog !
Not my lost dog !
but just look like me ! !

Just don't understand why !
every night could not sleep, but morning can.
everyday don't feel hungry, but others can.
Am I a weirdo?
I am one of UFO relatives ? If yes, few days later open house will be inviting all UFO's and friends.
I just feeling ........


Maybe ?
Maybe not.
But I don't want to admit I feeling stress at all.
Exam coming ... Chinese New Year around the corner ...
Everyday stomach feeling sad.
Headache & hand ache (don't know why)
Feel tired but cannot fall sleep, really weird every night row over the bed until morning.

I had skip more than 10 times of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
After exam I maybe blew off by the wind.

Conclusion : I still want to say that ...

I am not stress ! ! !

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