Jan 18, 2009

Unfunction well phone anymore

Today 18 Jan 09
special day
for my
big brother
Happy Birthday

First time I had this kind birthday celebration.
wake up early in the morning that is past 8am going to 9am, I din even clean up my self yet then my 2nd bro say time to cut cake.
I like just HAR ! ! WHAT ! ! is a celebration or breakfast ? ?
My parent bought a small cake and my 2nd bro place the candle. People place candle base on their age. The small boy place 20++ candle on the small cake... After blew candle, how suppose to eat the smashed cake.

Done breakfast birthday or birthday breakfast ... good --- continue my bed time.

Bad thing started to happen..... z z z

4.30pm a call from my 2 childhood friends
want me spend YAMCHA
--- ok lo since they always spend me
2 big brother(like children) talk about their experience

- argument with driver
- change new car
- fix new turbo

Study in Singapore
- MRT crowded
- many pretty girl
- cool pub

Discuss about girls
- Singapore girls mouth size bigger then Malaysia girls
- use tea spoon eat rice
- better find girlfriends in Malaysia

+ bla bla bla
drink bit "WINE" after went back home first thing is to the toilet
I maybe blur at that time
then my phone drop into the water OMG....~~~~~
I din even notice and it sock in the water for few minute
when I took it out, cannot function .... so sad
went to look for hair dryer to blew it .... I cannot find
My phone not even 1 year old just 10 month old
Is it time to say good bye ?

Use my 2nd bro phone to take the "sad photo".

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