Feb 9, 2009

Bad month in Feb

Unstable emotion is the best time to write blog to express your feeling, to tell what usually cont tell in public, just like trowing a rock to the person you don't wish to to see.

When problem come to you
wish to speak to someone, who can you find or just keep deep into your heart till end of the day.
forget everything though nothing happen?

If problem all come in one times, what will you do?
Shut your self alone the whole day long till problem solve by it self ?
but when problem wont be solve if you don't move the 1st step?
same question what will you do?

If a problem that don't have a solution, but just wait time past?
There have nothing to do but to shut your self.

Wish to speak to someone hope that can feel better but in the opposite is not the thing you wish to hear.
Nothing you can do but to shut your self again

All the problem is depend how you face and how you think the problem is a problem
but if you are a emotion person better shut your self than express out to the others.
I will choose to shut my self.

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