Feb 18, 2009

Back am I

welcome me welcome me
I am back from a trip after my exam
exam is is is is ~ ~ ~ ~ tough
After exam, time to spam blog
3rd day after my exam I went for few day trip with a friend
actually this trip had plan long time ago since opening of my sem 2
the process of this trip is everyday eat eat & walk walk
no time to lazy on bed . . . . . lazy on bed T~T will be scolded
everyday have thing to busy & play
damn happy with the trip I went to
will have chance to go again ? maybe ? maybe not ?

once we went to watch a movie "InkHeart" I saw something attract my eyes when buying some snack before enter the cinema.

This is understood
As a Malaysian you & I know what it mean of this sign board but
to improve a company standard or language
this is not a good way to use a shortcut
the full word should be "Please Queue Up" in the queue area . . . .
I can read as "Please Queue"
As well as "Please Kill"
or "Please Cute"
With Chinese word “排队” you can understand what it mean, may not be a problem for people who understand Chinese, but if a customer is other races or don't even know how to read Chinese or worse is a tourist customer.
They will view Malaysia as . . . . . . s o m e t h i n g + s p e c i a l

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