Feb 9, 2009

Gathering at Lego house

Sleep late wake up early just to face an exam
Friday is time to war with Writing For Sociology
everything is easy, when come to blank mind everything turn hard
after exam everything turn smoother ....stop thinking and went for party
Hooray ! !

45 member of YEE family gather in a Lego house ( this is what I call my aunt house)
because her house was big and many secret basement. must walk with your mobile or not you lost no people to call for a rescue.

Just remember last August my niece was just a baby girl
now can cry & smile even recognize her mom is not a problem.
she was the spot light for my whole family, famous than Jay chou.
She has catch everyone eyes... keep gather around her try to make silly face, tease her with shake leg.
The whole camera memory is all about her.

Princess on board, careful your step.

Time for the Luck Game.
My uncle is starting a annual game for age from 0-35
every year also have this game and & 4 rounds

the game is easy he will random give 3 poker cards
who ever get KKK QQQ JJJ or 10 10 10 auto will win the game
if no people get then will only choose 8 9 10 as the winner.

Last year the smallest reward is RM 10 & the biggest is RM100
This year the smallest is RM30 continue to RM50 RM100 & the biggest is RM200
I don't have the luck so din get any.

He is giving cards to everyone who involve...
free money

Leisure time
My cousin trying to be muscular carrying a boy... (not to mention)
but he is muscular.

After everything was done, all started to rest and have a rough chat by having honest speaking
haha it was nothing just force to speak the true
In the picture it seems the white shirt boy is the poor victim actually it was under the white shirt boy was the real victim being step by the big big boy. don't know who to pity.

So in so in my grandparent so in using skype to chat with my uncle8 that not around in Malaysia.
Many people asking how my grandparent did that ?
is easy.... fix the laptop for them & they just have to speak

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