Feb 19, 2009

Who more cute ?

I can see through your eyes

I can smell through by my own nose

but I don't know who is the best

The Rabbit VS The Dog

First of all Mashimaro is a Korean rabbit, fat fat little rabbit.
Its is cute, silence, white, sleepy face, kinda feel it lazy attitude & clumsy.
Is it cute?
but is only a fictional character

(Click on this picture)


A dog is cute as well.
This is a real dog.
He is kinda lazy too, he loves hotdogs so much.
he will listen to you once you feed him.
look like Mashimaro The Rabbit
He is small only 5kg

W h o W h o W h o

1 comment:

christyzee said...

your pug is cute! we had two- father and son. they are good dogs.