Dec 22, 2008

busy AGAIN.....! !

Finally...... finish busy my assignment
time to busy my personal life
my life never been free b4
every time sure got activities to do
I like this type of life
but love to complain as well
OK back to topic
Saturday I went to midvalley with my UTAR friends
watch 3D movie "Bolt"
this movie talking about a DOG don't know the reality life b4 and he is loyal to master penny and so on....bla bla bla
Hmm this movie not bad

after finish watch movie we walk around take pic

The Christmas tree at midvalley not bad
we simply choose one and take weird post

The day after saturday is sunday
5.30am wake up
wake up so early 4 what ??
for my grandma lo
her house having 冬日 ceremony
so my mom & other aunt go there and help lo
eventually I want to help but they reject
they say 小孩子越帮越忙
save back lo
since they don't want then I with my cousin play until 5.30pm than change to my uncle 9 house(九叔)
My big big cousin bro give me see a very nice video
l l

无人........Z Z Z Z

this is the best video
Pls calculate the chair move how many times


this is my big big cousin bro video
B4 I see this video I tell him don't scared me but he din hear at all
End up I watched
I really JUMP UP in front of him
I admit I love to see disgusting weird video or picture
but I am 胆小鬼。。。dun scared me with this kind of GxxxT

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