Dec 18, 2008


Surprise to YOU
and Happy Birthdday to "old man young"
this time is not my idea
but my twin cousin bro Aik Sern
haha...... old 1 year again

17 Dec was my cousin Young birthday
On the day morning till dinner time no ppl wish him include me
not even his girlfriend...... so cruel

My twins cousin bro plan a big surprise to him
open steamboat & secret recipe cheese cake...
I hate cheese cake but have to eat... no choice
haha the most surprise is I been there
because normally I worn be there beside that family gathering only

Birthday boy should enjoy the day
but if seems I and my other cousin more enjoy than him

I and my smaller cousin playing indoor pool at midnight till 1am...
and birthday boy holding camera.

birthday boy wearing 60's spec
haha no la
is now days youngster style spec

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