Jun 16, 2008

Happy job

This is my 2nd agent & 1st job in Chimera...I helping jacob's promoting their product.
This job I do until 2 month plus beoz got 3 version
1. promote new product
2. promote old product
3. giving out voucher
* The new product have a very good sale I m so happy beoz I hit the target but no commission + the sample so many until cannot finish sometimes i ate it by my self or give to other promoter, so that supervisor worn grumble me for not finishing up all the sample...n_n haha~~greedy.
* The old product also good sale. I sell until out of stock n_n supervisor say good job.
* 3rd, giving out voucher, more easy to do beoz I m the person who "SPOT" cu
stomer...If I get to spot them I will give out the voucher if the customer unlucky than will miss the chance...haha...I m the "KING" that time

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