May 17, 2009


Memorable life, secondary school life time is naive. No stress, no financial problem, no transport problem, no house problem. Everything is prepared, but nowadays student don't treasure. That maybe don't have problem to worried of, so create something to worried.

Since few week ago my secondary school main office burn out by some student. The whole office completely destroy, it believe that the fire being put on the weekend night. The researcher of section 19 currently don't have any evident to proof.

For my experience that maybe normal, since the day I enter the school many interesting story happen everyday. example: Put firecracker to each class, Ice fight, lock teacher in the toilet ...
But most of the incident is all about fighting only. NEH actually nothing special, the fight all about to proof how MAN" they are. nut shit! I hope my certificates din burn out because of this incident.

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