Jul 14, 2009

Your right to attack

Those thing are hard to catch, being so nimble and stuffy.
They have disgusting with hairy legs, small head with a large body. Black and moving around maliciously and you will never know when they're going to fly.

Keys to fight them:

1st Weapons

slipper, newspaper, hydramethylnon gel or your hand.

2nd Speed

You have to attack promptly and rapidly. Without this, you don't stand a chance. A moment's hesitation could cost you your life. Be careful, don't underestimate the enemy.

3rd Observe

You don't know when're they going to fly. That's why you have to observe them. If you do that, you can evade their attacks or not they will lay on your head.

Attack them after you know where is their location and they normal movement with full speed. One Shoot, the victory definitely will be your.

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