Oct 7, 2009

Moon cake festival

In the past 2 year continuously moon cake festival was celebrate in my house garden because of a special fruit grow in the garden. This year change to my 2nd uncle house at Subang KLIA ...

This year atmosphere is indifferent, most of the cousin are not around.
Previous festival we will play fire, burning tree walk under the moon.
This year everyone gather under the fan and surround the TV.
Previous festival we will eat moon cake with ice cream
This year everyone holding pizza and satay.

Admire the full moon with dogs, mushu & sparky
The dog fur soft like silk
they treated like a KING, their paw were soft and smooth

4 vs 1
someone ---- throw in the dog house.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

not bad d la.u know how i celebrate?? 1 mooncake 5 ppl share..the moon is the round light bulb in the living hall