Apr 6, 2009

Assignment 2

Question coming out by lecturer is an anxious & bothersome matter to them. No matter come out for midterm exam or final exam nor assignment is a tough job for a lecturer. It may give them a big headache to come out good & simple but complicated for the student to think that actually a question is that simple to be solve.

It maybe all the question had been come out, or maybe lecturer currently had not much idea to use or they actually are giving bonus to rise the student mark to help them.

On the Monday after I having replacement for midterm exam, my next small exam is assignment 2 for cost accounting. This is actually quite interesting.
The first Question being ask is lecturer & tutor name.
what is this really examining us I don't quite get it. Catch no ball.
Beside that its quite strict question, if you leave it blank will deducted your mark.
kinda funny question happen in exam, maybe final asking us :
Who is Utar Director - - - 100%

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