Apr 10, 2009

Say NO to war !

Wars between country - Hurting resident of the country

Wars between races - Hurting innocence person

Wars between girls - Killing the whole world

Girls, can be soft, polite, sweet, caring, friendly, helpful, as well as mighty. But don't ever make a girl angry, you will regret.

Today after 10am class before go to Asia Jaya, I went to toilet for a walk. Just between that time, I realize a NOTICES in the toilet stick every surface of the wall.
The content of the paper is not polite & more to critic, curse, despise, hurting feeling with each other.

A = The victim , B = The writer

In the content of the paper, knowing that B really hate & jealous with A. In what purpose she hate no ones know it din mention, but it mention A shameful history & something about hungry for a boy. B even print out the picture with color of A clear features in A4 paper to stick in the toilet.

As a friends that study in the same school, same course may not be the same tutorial group, do we really need to do that?
Do we need to hatred people to survive?
Why can such a person hurting others feelings because of own jealousy?
No ones know the true story between them but posting NOTICES every angle of the toilet that every girl able to view, is too hurt if the victim read that paper too.
The PE toilet having internal battle, aware when anyone of you passing by.
Girl is Scary, (不要得罪女生,自会自找麻烦。)

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