Mar 8, 2009

A clash on timetable

Semester 3 is a short sem about 7 week
It kinda pack because each subject 2 chapter in a week
As an art student should be grateful because less 1 subject compare with science student. Just because 7 week so mean the mid term test will be hold on week 3 or 4.
Time flow too fast.

26th Feb went to UMMC make an appointment
5th Mar went there again to make another appointment
feel like meet a doctor harder than meet 周杰论
Just an appointment at 1.30pm but took me 4 hours +

I had book the time for my surgery with the doctor but time is fix by him:

23rd March for body check up early in the morning about 8 - 12pm
my surgery will hold on 25th March smoothly if in good condition.

on the 23rd March I had an assignment 2 or a quiz test for my Cost Accounting subject.
25th March I had Mid term test for my Cost Accounting again.

Choose option 1 or 2 ?
So what should I do ? Cancel the surgery or take MC ?
4 important thing drop on the same day & time
so coincidence ?
who will believe ?
really hard to explain to the office ... ...

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