Mar 20, 2009

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1. I love sleeping.

2. I love sleeping.

3. I still love sleeping.

4. I wish every sem only have 2 subs.

5. I wish Utar give me 99.99% each paper (no need 100%)

6. I wish Winnie call out for FREE breakfast + dinner EVERYDAY.

7. I wish exam paper burn out.

8. I am changing new car.

9. I want to sleep for 23hours 2 day a week.

10. I enjoy lecturer come in the wrong class.

11. I hate step on shit.

12. I hate wild dog chase me at empty area.

13. I enjoy sleeping in lecturer class.

14. I am a quiet person.

15. I enjoy teasing people.

16. I wish my class end at 10am everyday.

17. I wish my eye side turn better from worse.

18. I wish to open middle brain.

19. I am a KING.

20. I want 30 hours a day.

21. I am doing tag.

22. I am planning new trip.

23. I miss PD trip with friends.

24. I lazy wake up at 8am.

25. I miss my missing dog… Come back! Come back!

Can I tag you back?

1. Winnie

2. Winnie

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