Mar 1, 2009

Mr cheese don't blame me

You are

famous !

expansive !

make from milk !

but not everyone enjoy you
so so sorry I hate cheese so much

(crap story)
Long long ago far far away have a village stay a family with a daughter who don't eat food that make from milk more than 80%. She has no allergic to milk just simply don't like. She don't really understand why people enjoy cheese so much some can even die for a cheese.
Animal can die for a cheese too. Example : a mice

Today 28 Feb a friend of my birthday
Plan to celebrate at her house with a computer & cake
OMG cheese cake * ~ *
Smell with thick thick milk
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~
No choice my friend love cheese 100% that much
celebrate at her house
Turn on computer watch anime
eat Secret Recipes Marble Cheese

Just a slice of cake took me 2 hours to finish it =.=
guess no people can compare with me.
Have to finish it or not feeling like not giving her face
feel a bit sorry that eating her birthday cake with this kind reaction
After reach home I still feeling want to vomit.

This is just a slice from the whole cake.
9.37pm I start to eat this slice.


This slice is same as before.
great it missing few bites
10.40pm I just finish this part

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